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Thinking That Transforms

As a global, strategic business partner, we strive to change perceptions. Here’s how we do it - check out some recent news from Zeno.

Partners for Change: EGAMI + Zeno

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Forever Friday—Zeno Gives Back

Since joining Zeno shortly after the agency was launched in 1998, I have experienced more than 1,000 “Fridays”—the last day of the work week, most often spent huddling with colleagues, touching base with clients and getting organized for what lies ahead come Monday.

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Viva Las Vegas: Preview to CES 2020

CES 2020 is upon us and this year we can anticipate the world’s greatest technology companies to showcase their latest inventions that are predicted to change the way we live, work and play. Even if you are not planning to be physically in Las Vegas, CES has become a global phenomenon that everyone beyond those involved in technology are waiting to see, hear and know about. It is a showcase that sets the tone for the year where companies from toy to car makers are showcasing their innovations. 

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella on a panel about innovation

Innovating for Human Impact: The Future of Tech

Every fall, Fast Company convenes innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and communicators from across the world for the annual Fast Company Innovation Festival – five days of conversations with doers and change-makers who are shaping the future.

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The New Mission of Purpose

The biggest trend in communications and marketing could well be the caused-inspired corporate purpose statement. And with its rise has come plenty of questions.

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Principles of Effective Influencer Engagement

We believe that with the right processes and rigor, influencers can add measurable value. This begins with fully vetting influencers to verify their legitimacy and ensuring they have an authentic connection to the brand.
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Communications Leaders: At the Center of Seismic Change

Last week, I visited Boston for the annual meeting of the Arthur Page Society, arguably the world’s premier organization for senior-most communications leaders. Beyond the great networking, I was grateful to attend for this reason: To be reminded again of the important role that Communications professionals are playing today in a world of transformation and change.