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A New Look for Zeno, Now and Next

Zeno Brandling Blog

This evolution is 25 years in the making.

Ready for Zeno’s now and next, today we are introducing our new visual identity – vibrant, optimistic and unexpected. Zeno in every way. The work of many talented, creative people around the global Zenoverse.

Standing tall and proud, our bold new look embodies Zeno today: strong, determined and committed to partnering with colleagues and clients on work that impacts people and business, society and our planet.

With our new brand expression lighting the way, we will continue to disrupt the status quo in big and small ways – pushing ourselves and others to discover the unexpected gem that unlocks a new and inspiring way forward. The expected is easy. It is the hard work of the unexpected that touches hearts and minds and changes our world.

New look. Same fearless and humble Zeno.

Join us in our Fearless Pursuit of the Unexpected as we make the most of our Now and get ready for what’s Next.

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