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Thinking That Transforms

As a global, strategic business partner, we strive to change perceptions. Here’s how we do it - check out some recent news from Zeno.

Zeno Group Named 2019 Agency of the Year

Football and remote

Super Bowl Digital Marketing Trends

Integrated communications professionals should be mindful of certain Superbowl marketing trends when brainstorming for their clients.
NY Interns

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered…. And They Stayed!

The experience of what it's like to be a Zeno intern, and how to raise the bar year after year.

Millennials: Informing the Future of Healthcare

The Human Project, Zeno's Group's proprietary research on generations, emphasizes millennial's' longing to embrace the desire to live in balance while leveraging technology to help them continue to help others regarding healthcare.

Preparedness For the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Attacks in Healthcare

The expanded use of digital, electronic and network technology has induced significant benefits for care delivery and organizational efficiency, but also creates opportunities for cyber intrusions.

The Youth Vote: What will it take to win?

As the debate around who will be the next president of the United States continues, the fight for the youth vote is on.
Brazil soccer player

Rio 2016: The Power of Emotion in a Story

The storytelling lesson from Rio 2016 and the stories from the Olympics and now the Paralympics.