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Thinking That Transforms

As a global, strategic business partner, we strive to change perceptions. Here’s how we do it - check out some recent news from Zeno.

Partners for Change: EGAMI + Zeno

Crisis Pandemic Playbook

Classic Crisis Lessons for Today’s Pandemic Playbook

In the world of crisis communications, PR professionals do deal with tough stuff: bankruptcies, hostile takeovers, C-suite overhauls, product recalls, scandals, major legal judgments, regulatory rebukes, layoffs, restructurings and worse.

But do any of these experiences matter much in a pandemic?

World Health Day 2020

World Health Day 2020

On April 7th of most years, many of us are planning our spring holidays, thinking about planting our gardens and perhaps changing our wardrobes to fit the new season. But since 1948, April 7th is the day that the World Health Organization commemorates World Health Day, a moment to highlight a priority area of global health concern. In past years this day has focused on mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change.


Who’s Leading the COVID 19 Coverage & Conversation?

COVID-19 is dominating headlines globally and for good reason. It is a pandemic affecting everyone on the planet and the more we educate ourselves, the easier it will be for us to get through it personally and professionally. But what are the best channels for doing that?

Chi #EachforEqual

Making Commitments for a Gender Equal World on International Women’s Day

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day 2020.  A day across Zeno offices globally that we celebrate and reflect on how we can all do our part to help forge a gender equal world through our commitments and actions to make a positive difference for women. While we are making strides towards equality in society, there are opportunities for us to continue to drive gender parity and it’s a shared commitment from both men and women that will get us there.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Infiltrates the 2020 Race & What It Means For The Industry

As the race for the Democratic nomination intensifies, candidates are beginning to up the ante on their marketing and PR efforts. This year’s candidates have focused their efforts on social media, memes, and digital organizing, the use of online platforms to identify, engage, and mobilize campaign supporters to take action. 


2020: Anything but Business as Usual

Over the December holidays, you got the sense that, as the decade wound down, we were headed for an extraordinary New Year. But who among us expected a January that would bring a global virus scare that would unnerve travelers and markets, an earthquake in Jamaica that would rattle Miami, a Brexit and a Megxit, and the tragic death of a 41-year-old NBA legend and his beloved daughter?

All this on top of an impeachment trial of a U.S. president – only the third in history.