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Empowering Futures: The Impact of Zeno’s Collaborative Partnership with Howard University

Howard U x Zeno

In the fall of 2023, Zeno established a partnership with the Cathy Hughes School of Communication at Howard University. This collaboration unfolded over 6 weeks, combining in-person and virtual lectures led by Zeno employees and designed to provide a dynamic learning experience that fostered engagement with the next generation of diverse communications professionals. Lectures were designed to be interactive, equipping students to address a variety of real- world communications challenges in a collaborative environment.  

Zeno's Expert-Led Lectures: 

Each week, students explored real world communications challenges across Corporate Comms, Purpose and Impact, Multicultural, Consumer Marketing and Sports and Entertainment. This immersive experience provided students with a well-rounded perspective on the industry. Zeno's seasoned professionals shared their expertise, offering interactive discussions that enriched the academic foundation provided by Howard University. 

Hands-On Learning Opportunities: 

Importantly, this partnership emphasized practical application. Students were offered a peek into how Zeno operates. Through interactive workshops and case studies, participants engaged in hands-on learning, applying the principles they acquired in a simulated professional environment. This approach bridged the gap between theory and practice, equipping students with tangible skills for their future careers.

Connections and Mentorship: 

Beyond the lecture halls, students connected directly with Zeno leaders to learn more about their careers and gain insights around working at a global communications agency. These connections empowered students to envision their future roles in the communications landscape. Relationships forged in the classroom sparked career mentorship from leaders at Zeno and opened the doors for future opportunities.

Participant Quotes: 

“I am a big believer in ‘if you can see it, you can be it’ and I wish I was exposed to this type of program when I was younger, too. I left so inspired by this next generation of communicators and problem solvers who offer diverse perspectives and experience. Their creativity, insightful questions and ambition was impressive, and the future of PR is in good hands.” - Nisa Horwitz, VP Media Relations 

"The experience with Zeno was very eye opening because it not only allowed for me to see what working in the advertising industry was like, but it also allowed me to see a diverse group of people collaborating to achieve the same goals." - Ethan Izuogo, Senior Advertising Major

“As a Public Relations instructor, I strive to create lessons and in class discussions reflective of the real-world experiences my students will encounter when in the workplace. Zeno Group’s lectures helped crystallize all the concepts students have been introduced to during their time at Howard, provide a clearer understanding of the different opportunities available to them after graduation, while providing first-hand experiences on agency life.” - Dr. Brandale Mills Cox, Assistant Professor, Howard University