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Une vision qui fait bouger les lignes

A New Look for Zeno, Now and Next

A New Earned Media Mindset Blog Hero

How Communicators Can Improve Earned Media Outcomes in 2024

As you might expect from a former TV producer and an ex-journalist, we are borderline obsessed with earned media. Sitting across the pond from each other, we talk all the time about the tiniest minutiae of our respective news media. Given recent changes to the global media landscape, however, something has been bugging us. 

Zeno ESG Report

Zeno Publishes Second Annual ESG Report: “Toward Something Better”

Over the last year since publishing our inaugural environmental, social and governance (ESG) report, Zeno has been focused on integrating ESG throughout the organization – in the decisions we make, how we nurture and advance talent and the work we do for our clients who trust us with their business. 

Mark and Julie Promo Announcment

Zeno Group Elevates Two Global Leaders

Zeno Group has promoted two global leaders to newly created roles essential to the agency’s ongoing growth and evolution. Mark Shadle has been appointed Chief Reputation Strategist and Julie Georgas has been named President of Zeno Canada.  

Creator Performance benchmarks

2024 Creator Video Benchmarks: Spoiler Alert, Instagram Still Outperforms TikTok

Early in 2023, our team lead Colleen O’Hara asked for our “hot takes” for the upcoming year in the world of creator marketing (formerly influencer marketing – see HERE). I suggested TikTok’s days as a primary marketing channel were numbered. Surely the hearings at Capitol Hill would be the beginning of the end. 

Pretty much the worst possible answer to give as it turned out.

Foodie Trends 2024 Zeno

Unveiling the First Zeno Foodie Trend Report 2024

From news media and grocery retailers to food experts and restaurant reviewers, there’s no shortage of food trend reports being published as we ramp into the new year. It can be overwhelming to keep up and track all trends, so the Zeno Foodie Team has done it for you!  And to wrap things up, Zeno explored how we feel news media will respond to the new foodie landscape, as well as what reporters and outlets will spark the most conversation. 
CES 2024 Blog Post

AI at CES 2024: Now It’s Personal

With over 130,000 people in attendance, the energy and excitement at CES 2024 reminded us of what we all missed during COVID, the hustle and bustle of seeing what’s new, what’s ahead and interacting with each other on all things innovation.

CES has always been a beacon for tech enthusiasts and the industry at large to catch a glimpse of the latest technology. A global stage that brings more than just technologists together but people from all industries looking to make connections and talk about cutting-edge technologies.