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Une vision qui fait bouger les lignes

Zeno Named a ‘Best Place to Work’ 2021


The State of Multiculturalism in America Today: A New Mandate

The past few years have put a spotlight on personal and professional commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion, highlighting the many ways in which society needs to evolve to better serve the collective good.

ESG Report Hero Image

Zeno’s Inaugural ESG Report: “Toward Something Better”

Over a year ago, Zeno came together to articulate more deeply who we are, why we exist and our desired impact as we aligned on our company purpose – champion the courageous to achieve something better for humankind. We have since been guided by this purpose in all that we do every day. 

BPTW blog 2022

Zeno Named PRWeek’s Best Place to Work 2022

What a thrill to have been named a Best Place to Work by PRWeek for the fourth time. To be recognized by PRWeek is an honor made even more meaningful considering it can only be achieved through positive feedback from our employees. 

Ad Age CMO Blog Hero

Embrace the Calm Before a Storm to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Every day, we see brands getting caught in unfortunate situations: active shooter, data breach, rogue spokesperson, operational catastrophe, product recall, offensive advertisement, discrimination lawsuit, an executive behaving badly, natural disaster - I’ve seen it all in my 20+ years handling crisis communications for clients.

Health Literacy Blog Hero

Health Literacy Requires Talking with People – Not Patients

I recently participated on a panel at the STAT Summit with two brilliant healthcare thought leaders. We explored the value and urgency of health literacy and, to take a play on the old saw that everyone is a patient at some point, called our session “We the Patients?” (Note the question mark. That’s on purpose.) Here are more of our key takeaways on health literacy.

World Mental Health Day Blog Image

Reflecting and Unplugging on World Mental Health Day 2022

As a society and workplace, we’ve been talking about mental health more than ever before, and for good reason.

This year for the first time, Zeno Group honors World Mental Health Day as an official company holiday. On Oct. 10, our offices will be closed for talent to unplug, slow down and do whatever serves their mental wellness that day.