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Pensamiento que Transforma

Como socio de negocio estratégico y global, buscamos cambiar percepciones. He aquí como lo hacemos – echa un vistazo a algunas noticias recientes de Zeno.

Zeno Group Named 2019 Agency of the Year

Scrabble game pieces spelling out purpose

Are You A Brand With Purpose…or a Purposeful Brand?

Zeno Group conducted a survey among 1,300 people asking whether those people believe brands should play a positive role in helping to address and solve some of the biggest challenges facing the country.

Engaging Employees: 3 New Strategies For Your Changing Workplace

Mark Mortenson, Heidi Gardner, and Gallup describe a workplace that is more dynamic, more fluid and less dependent on time and space.
Facebook Stories on iPhone

Google, machines and a new dimension in earned media value?

Earned media has made small but significant strides in recent years towards being more data-driven, and so more measurable.
Connecting Employees

Employee Engagement in an Era of Social Change

It’s a challenging time for company executives and communicators alike as both groups try to decide what to say to their employees about the current political, economic and social environment.

White House - 100 Days

Beyond 100 Days: Navigating the Social Landscape (& Landmines) in a Post-Election Era

Preparedness, agility and challenging fake news with conviction is the ultimate defense in navigating an unpredictable landscape.