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A New Look for Zeno, Now and Next

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3 Monkeys | Zeno. Fearless. Global. Challenger.

After months of hot dates it was crystal clear:  this striking Greek God and three hairy monkeys were the perfect match.
Jimmy Fallon showing off "Mad Bum" Jockey underwear

Cannes Lions: Zeno’s First PR Lions Shortlist & Our Shared Journey

An award is recognition for an amazing journey. For creative communications professionals, client work that lands at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity should be celebrated – not just for the well-deserved industry accolades; but for creating something with meaningful impact that propels our shared journey forward.

This is shared.

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10 Cultural Signals for Changing ‘PR’ Firms

PR agencies transition to become more integrated, more about communications rather than just media relations, and drive more value across marketing. In other words, firms that ‘do’ PR rather than ‘are’ just PR in the conventional sense.
Zeno Middle Manager IP

Companies and Leaders Neglect One of Their Most Important Strategic Levers: Middle Managers

We have all read (and experienced) the pressures in today’s workplace – a confluence of rising expectations from four generations in the workforce, harsh economic realities, global crises and demanding business environments. Building the business now goes hand in hand with building company culture. And keeping employees informed and engaged is challenging. Enter middle managers, the unsupported and unsung heroes who could also be a company’s hidden engine to drive communications and change. Yet, companies and senior leaders are failing middle managers – and they don’t even know it.