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Denkweisen, die Veränderungen in Gang setzen.

Zeno Named a ‘Best Place to Work’ 2021

Intern Day Blog Hero

Get Your Own Coffee, It’s National Intern Day

It’s a mantra we’ve all embraced at one time or another - keep calm and ask the intern. 

At Zeno, interns play a pivotal role on all teams across the globe, embarking upon transformative journeys that help them gain invaluable networking opportunities, job skills, and industry experiences. As the marketing intern, I have witnessed firsthand the personal and professional growth that unfolds within the walls of this dynamic agency, having the opportunity to write this blog post, network with inspiring colleagues, and lead projects early in my career.  

AAPI Month

Putting Us First: Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Each year, the month of May in the U.S. consists of many cultural moments for Americans – especially for the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community. As established back in 1992 by President George H.W. Bush, AAPI Month was born in recognition of the plethora of accomplishments and influences the AAPI community has and will continue to instill on the American society.

World Mental Health Day Blog Image

Reflecting and Unplugging on World Mental Health Day 2022

As a society and workplace, we’ve been talking about mental health more than ever before, and for good reason.

This year for the first time, Zeno Group honors World Mental Health Day as an official company holiday. On Oct. 10, our offices will be closed for talent to unplug, slow down and do whatever serves their mental wellness that day.

Pride Blog Post 2022

Five Ways To Be Better LGBTQ+ Allies In Media and Communications During Pride 2022 and Beyond

The world isn’t monotonous, and neither are humans. We’re vivid and diverse, vibrant and irreplaceable, varied and beautiful. And we are all so much more than what we produce for others, whether as a consumer or colleague. Amazing things happen when humans embrace who we are, the shared experiences that bond us and the differences that make us unique.

IWD Hero Image

"Equality is not a Feeling; It’s Measurable."

On March 8, companies around the world recognized International Women’s Day (IWD). At Zeno, we assembled a virtual panel of accomplished women to cast a much-needed spotlight on the biases that still exist. While hopeful for the future, our four panelists minced no words describing their unique, multi-dimensional lived reality and the work still to be done. We thank them for their vulnerability and voice so real change can be made. While IWD is but one day, this is a conversation that needs to be part of our everyday in order to #BreakTheBias.

Hip Hop Culture

Celebrating Hip Hop’s Influence This Black History Month

Black History Month has always been a time when I reflect on some of the many amazing contributions that Black people have given to this country and beyond. And as someone who has always been obsessed with music, I always think about the ways that Black music, especially hip hop, has permeated many aspects of our lives.