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Get Your Own Coffee, It’s National Intern Day

Intern Day Blog Hero

It’s a mantra we’ve all embraced at one time or another - keep calm and ask the intern. 

At Zeno, interns play a pivotal role on all teams across the globe, embarking upon transformative journeys that help them gain invaluable networking opportunities, job skills, and industry experiences. As the marketing intern, I have witnessed firsthand the personal and professional growth that unfolds within the walls of this dynamic agency, having the opportunity to write this blog post, network with inspiring colleagues, and lead projects early in my career.  

To celebrate the interns of Zeno past and present, I chatted with a few colleagues to gain both insights on their experiences and helpful advice for this unique career moment, including how to grow to be the best version of yourself at work and beyond. 

Interns of Zeno Past (Now Zeno Leaders!) 

  • Qrentis Burrell (Account Executive) attributes his decision to continue with Zeno after his internship to the exceptional leadership that surrounded him. From the beginning, everyone went above and beyond to ensure he felt valued and integral to the agency, thus igniting his desire to further develop alongside Zeno and establish a prominent presence within the industry. Qrentis advises interns to let Zeno’s abundant resources fuel their ambitions and to aim for greatness with determination and fearlessness. 

  • Marisa Ganley (Account Supervisor) vividly recalls her summer internship at Zeno in 2019, when she dove headfirst into the world of PR. From running errands and staffing media events to compiling mailers and building media lists, her internship offered her the hands-on experience she craved. Now, as an Account Supervisor at Zeno, she continues to draw upon the fundamental skills she learned during her internship. Marisa encourages current and future interns to embrace curiosity, ask questions, and seize projects that ignite their passions. 

  • Amaris Adams (Account Executive) learned essential time management skills during her Zeno internship after tackling seemingly overflowing to-do lists. She asserts that being able to prioritize tasks effectively has set her up for success in her current role and is undeniably one of the most valuable but often underestimated abilities in the industry. Amaris advises interns to engage in as many projects as possible while ensuring a healthy work-life balance. By doing so, one can identify the areas that genuinely inspire and fulfill them, transforming their work into a meaningful pursuit rather than just a day job. 

  • Nirmala Singh (Vice President) found her motivation to stay at Zeno thanks to the personal growth she experienced and the ability to carve her own path, even at a junior level. Zeno provided her with a platform to channel her passion for food, empowering her to make a career out of sharing culinary news with the nation. She urges interns to speak up and use their voices to make a difference in both the world and industry. 

  • Wes Richter (Account Supervisor) shares his profound advice to “always provide value.” Regardless of the task at hand, he emphasizes the significance of giving your best and delivering excellence. For Wes, the thrilling client work and lively Zeno culture prompted him to stay beyond his internship. To interns, Wes says that “the road to success is always under construction.” He advises to consistently put your best foot forward and strive for continuous improvement to be set up for success.   

Interns of Zeno Present 

  • Venice Tang (Strategy and Planning Intern) has always harbored a deep-seated passion for making positive change and discovered the ideal platform to nurture that drive at Zeno. From working with seasoned planners and strategists, she has learned how to translate research into intriguing insights, form compelling narratives, and strategize creative decisions that empower brands to make a meaningful impact on the world. Her advice to other interns: venture into the office as much as possible. This opens doors to meeting new people, immersing oneself in the office culture, gaining exposure to new opportunities, and indulging in office perks! 

  • Molly Sawyer (Consumer Intern) reveals how her time at Zeno has been an invaluable experience in refining her communication and strategic thinking skills. She has actively participated in client projects by contributing to campaign creation, media materials development, and strategy formulation. Molly’s advice centers on the power of networking and continuous learning. She encourages incoming interns to seek connections whenever possible. 

  • Emma Harrington (Talent Intern) expresses how her internship at Zeno has helped her gain confidence and practical experience in the Talent and Human Resources field. Not only has she improved her technical skills by learning new information systems and collaborating with other operations teams, but she’s also gained people skills through responsibilities such as onboarding new hires and responding to employee inquiries. Emma advises interns not to be afraid to step outside of their comfort zones. Instead, welcome those unknown opportunities to discover what you really want (or don’t want) from your career. 

What have I learned so far and what advice do I have to offer? My internship goal was to gain valuable experience in the agency side of marketing. I’ve been immersed in an exciting environment with a wide range of clients and projects, some at the intersection of healthcare and marketing - a topic close to my heart. I advise my fellow interns, especially those with marginalized identities, to seek mentors and actively engage in employee resource groups. Also, don’t be afraid to present new ideas and challenge norms as you can provide a fresh perspective for your team. 

After talking to Zeno interns past and present for National Intern Day, I view this stage in our careers as one of growth, discovery, and passion. From seizing opportunities and immersing oneself in company culture, to embracing the unknown, networking, and making meaningful connections, these stories exemplify the transformative power of internships.