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Zeno Named PRWeek’s Best Place to Work 2022

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What a thrill to have been named a Best Place to Work by PRWeek for the fourth time. To be recognized by PRWeek is an honor made even more meaningful considering it can only be achieved through positive feedback from our employees. Personally, I feel fortunate to work with incredibly committed, collaborative and creative people who bring their best for our clients and each other. Zeno, in turn, must be our best for them.

Showing up for our people is something we discuss every day. Literally. Our North American Leadership team meets daily to discuss all matters impacting the business, and not a day goes by when we don’t talk about our people. We celebrate accomplishments, marvel at insightful ideas, explore opportunities to mentor and rally to provide support. As an HR professional, it’s a gift to work with colleagues who understand the importance of putting our people at the center of decision making. 

Recent years have tested our mettle and we’ve faced many challenges that change the way we live and work. The stakes have never been higher, and employers must show up authentically, demonstrating that they care for the whole person. Admittedly, we don’t get everything right. But we listen, we learn and we keep striving to deliver an incredible employee experience. So, on days like this, our hearts are filled with gratitude for our employees. They are the people who make Zeno a Best Place to Work. 


Nick Mendoza: Paving Your Own Path  

Zeno is the best place to thrive. To pursue a career as you define it. To find support that nurtures a journey towards your optimized self. And to challenge you in making impactful choices that elevate clients, colleagues and the global community. 

During my 16 years at Zeno, I’ve been fueled by an agency-wide commitment to growth and exploration of opportunities that excite me. I’ve been a member of our Creative, Digital and PR teams – a unique path that was only possible with an agency that believes in creating the future you imagine for yourself and that empowers you to strengthen your capabilities as a marketer, storyteller and leader.

What’s next for us all – just like the universe – is not fully known. What’s certain is that Zeno will give its people rocket ships to discover something incredible. 


Shirley Wan: From Internship to Leadership  

My journey with Zeno started as an adventure. After finishing up my master’s program in Chicago, I decided to explore career opportunities in communications in the U.S. For someone who was born and raised in a different country and spoke a different language, it seemed to be a wild idea. I applied for an internship position and officially became a Zenoid. 

As an intern – there was a ton to absorb, not only about the skills but also the culture, the people, and Corporate America. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I went to brainstorms and spoke up. Fast forward, almost nine years later, I am now a VP on the digital team at Zeno West. With our leadership’s support, I forged a path immersing myself in different practices – social & digital, media engagement, analytics, corporate, collaborating with talents in creative, paid media, strategy & research, purpose & impact, and more. From CPG to the world of consumer & enterprise technology, there hasn’t been a dull moment. There’s so much more to learn and to give. 

It’s amazing how Zeno welcomed me with open arms and has embraced who I am. When I think about the mentors, sponsors, advocates I’ve had along the way, and the teams we’re continuing to evolve, there is one thing about the company that stands out - be ambitious, be nice; things will work out.


Sawyer Carlson: Finding My Match 

I come from a non-traditional PR background: from restaurant employee to restaurant marketer. I’ve had varied agency experiences over the years, but it was always baptism by fire. I aspired to work at the best global PR agency. Now, nine years into my career, I’ve finally arrived. I’m experiencing true mentorship and in awe of the people who make this agency exceptional.

To those considering a role at Zeno; if you're seeking a team that merely executes the work assigned, this is not the place for you. If you desire tenacious, innovative, empathetic leaders and team members with results-driven vigor who value non-traditional and diverse perspectives, and encourage the exciting ideas that lead to creative solutions, you too may have ‘green’ in your DNA. Expect learning, contributing to the best of your ability, and feeling valued and empowered on a daily basis - just as I have experienced at Zeno. 

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