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Reshape Your Reality

Disrupting an industry with the launch of new category of foldable devices

Driving Mass Awareness and Adoption

Strategic Planning, Creative Production, Experiential, Earned Media and Social, Paid Media

After four years of intense engineering and development, Lenovo was ready to launch the ThinkPad X1 Fold: the world’s first foldable PC for users’ diverse computing needs. Zeno set out to position Lenovo as an industry disruptor for introducing a new category of foldable devices and “wow!” business decision makers and IT professionals of the X1 Fold’s endless form factors.

Continuing ThinkPad’s legacy of being the first PC in space, Zeno premiered a film featuring the world’s first female-led solo mission to Mars and the X1 Fold inspiring the space agency to reach new heights. Credibility of the device was amplified through influencer testimonials, paid branded content, and owned, social and earned media. The 360-campaign was designed to reach three key markets (the U.S., U.K. and Japan) and position Lenovo as a future-forward brand.

A creative storytelling approach that transformed the laptop experience


demand forecast, sold out for months


U.S. awards list mentions, including Fast Company 2020 Innovation by Design


earned media stories globally and counting