At Zeno Group, we build multi-skilled teams, tailor-made for the needs of the client, that navigate today’s hunger for content across a variety of media with agility and originality. We call this combination of predictive planning and real-time action, The Hive.  Swarming in The Hive are subject matter experts who collaborate across earned media, insights, analytics, paid media, social and creative to maximize opportunities for clients.

Our approach leverages analytics and creative to inform content that turn heads, permeates newsfeeds and impacts business. Through The Hive companies can:

  • Derive business and customer insights that can impact the bottom line
  • Create relevancy through innovation instead of imitation
  • Generate content that drives conversation, engagement and action
  • Identify and jump on real-time opportunities for earned and social media wins
  • Develop processes to act nimbly and move at the speed of now
  • Listen for on-the-spot influencer identification and consumer engagement