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What Pride Month Means to Me

Close up pride flag

Every June, millions of individuals, organizations and companies across the United States celebrate Pride Month and the progress made over the years. The significance of this month and what it represents varies across segments of the LGBTQ+ community—a celebration for living an authentic life, a means to build awareness for important LGBTQ+ issues or a time to reflect on those who bravely came before us. As Pride Month comes to a close, we asked members of the PRide at Zeno employee resource group to share what this month means to each of them.

Bryant Miesle - PRide at Zeno 2021
Chelsey Fera - PRide at Zeno 2021
Jocelyn Arellano - PRide at Zeno 2021
John Blodgett - PRide at Zeno 2021
Josh Madrid - PRide at Zeno 2021
Ray Madrigal - PRide at Zeno 2021
Tim McGeever - PRide at Zeno 2021
Zach Hamilton - PRide at Zeno 2021

Posted June 29, 2021

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