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Reflecting on the Inaugural Zeno Gives Back

At Zeno, culture is our cornerstone. We are grateful that our clients give us the ability to do impactful work around the globe. We also recognize the need to serve our communities. 

Every year at Zeno Group we conduct our annual employee engagement survey. We survey our staff to better understand what we are doing well, what we can improve on and – most importantly – evaluate how to continue being the best place to work – ‘where careers are built and lives are lived’.

Last year, a question on the survey read, “What should Zeno be doing more of that the company isn’t doing enough of now?” The overwhelming response: “give back.”  

And Zeno Gives Back was born. Zeno gives back is our agency’s first-ever global day of service.

On January 25, 2019, Zenoids around the globe participated in the first-ever Zeno Gives Back. The energy and buzz around the network was palpable. We paused our workdays to give back to the local communities where we live, work and play. From environmental maintenance, food-assistance programs, animal rescue centers, blood drives, elderly assistance, youth development initiatives and more, our employees came together to ‘connect the global green dots’ through local service.

In doing this, we came together as an agency to celebrate our values and unified passion for giving back. We greatly appreciate the support received from our clients who allowed us time to step away from our desks, and into myriad organizations that needed (and wanted) our support.