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Making Commitments for a Gender Equal World on International Women’s Day

Chi #EachforEqual

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day 2020.  A day across Zeno offices globally that we celebrate and reflect on how we can all do our part to help forge a gender equal world through our commitments and actions to make a positive difference for women. While we are making strides towards equality in society, there are opportunities for us to continue to drive gender parity and it’s a shared commitment from both men and women that will get us there.

Making a commitment to a gender equal world can be about the simple things – such as taking time to listen to a female colleague about her perspective and feelings on an issue.  Or making time to mentor the #nextgen of female leaders.  Or it’s about the bolder things – like taking a stand when inequality is taking place and speaking up.    

Below you will find commitments from some of our top female leaders around the globe and how they will continue to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements both on IWD and every day.  #EachforEqual

Shared by Julie Georgas, Zeno Canada  

To be successful in your career you need to have a cheerleader, a mentor that empowers you, sees your value and supports and encourages you to be your best self. In celebration of this year’s IWD, I’m going to be a cheerleader for more people at Zeno and encourage others to root for each other, share the spotlight and champion colleagues’ successes and abilities.”

Shared by Christine Jewell, 3 Monkeys Zeno

We all perceive others in a way we’re often unaware of, and these underlying beliefs can have huge repercussions in the workplace, not least on diversity and inclusion but also on our creative thinking for client campaigns. IWD this year has prompted me to check my unconscious bias.  Now, I like to think I’m pretty self-aware and experienced in these matters, but I did an online test earlier this week and the results gave me pause for thought.  One of the questions (#9) made me really think about my own unconscious bias and how sometimes, even if we think we are being helpful, we are actually making potentially detrimental decisions for others based on our own assumptions.”

Shared by Cendrine Seror, Zeno France

“Our job is to create visibility and awareness for our client all year long without time-out. Then why should we communicate about women’s position in France only once a year? We choose not to restrict our communication to 24 hours. In order to make things move in France, to reach a system of "Each for Equal", we must celebrate women's achievements every single day, no matter how simple and minimal they might be. Through our actions, we highlight women’s crucial participation in the French economic, political and societal system in the same way as men. Our desire is not to create a battle of the sexes nor to value women's work only because of their gender, but to show that this work is both natural and legitimate.”

Shared by Rekha Rao, Zeno India

“In a country like India, a woman’s career choice is dictated by many life milestones. Even today, women are primarily expected to carry the traditional burden of being homemakers, setting aside a thriving career. Marriage, children, a sick parent, spouse’s transfer and many other such familial responsibilities, more often than not, put a brake, if not a complete stop, to a great career-run for most young women. In a celebration of this year’s IWD, I commit to #EachforEqual , by giving all such young women in PR, adaptability, flexibility, organizational support and emotional understanding, so they can pursue their career at Zeno offices in India without the fear of losing out.”

Shared by Allison Aaron, Zeno Chicago

“Women are often seen as storytellers. I like to think this is a gift we get from our elders - grandmothers and mentors, mothers and teachers. And also one that comes from our youth - students and daughters.  With these stories we share values and human truths that we embrace, live by and then pass along. To know that I'm part of this circle - whichever way it may go, is the joy that I celebrate on International Women’s Day. May we continue to listen and impart our stories.”