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Celebrating the Dan Award Win in Singapore

Dan Award Nirmala Blog Post Hero

Dan Award Winner. These are the coveted words that every Zenoid dreams of hearing during our annual celebration marking the end of our fiscal year. The award was created to pay tribute to the founder of DJE, Dan Edelman. It serves as recognition for an individual at Zeno who exemplifies the qualities for which Dan was renowned – qualities that continue to be revered as guiding principles at Zeno. Only one Zeno staffer is bestowed with this prestigious honor each year.  

Seeing my name on the screen as a nominee was empowering and then to see it as THE winner was even more thrilling. As part of the reward, you get to visit one Zeno global office of your choosing. An inspiring colleague encouraged me to consider a destination I had never thought of before. Grateful for his persuasive influence, I ultimately chose Zeno Singapore for my trip – a decision that I will forever cherish and never forget. 

Singapore Zenoids  

For starters, the Zenoids in Singapore are true gems. Throughout the week I spent there, they heavily invested their time teaching me about heating and cooling foods, guiding me through Hawker Centers, giving me exclusive access to their cricket club, exploring Bali Lane together, and practicing the traditional Singaporean cheers.

During my time in Singapore, I discovered our global similarities. Whether bringing innovative media-savvy ideas to the table, emphasizing the significance of a culture crew, or addressing the shared impacts of DE&I, the caliber of our collaborative work remained consistently impressive. 

A project that particularly intrigued me was the collaboration between Zeno Asia and key clients. To generate awareness and buzz for a furniture line, Zeno Asia partnered with local creators to produce music inspired by the furniture collection. The strong lineup of media coverage led to the entire line selling out within the initial week of its launch. Inspiring work! 

A delightful bonus while I was there was the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with our very own Global CEO Barby K. Siegel! She was just as fashionable there as she is here in the U.S. – heels and all!


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The Food

If food is your passion (like it is for me), then Singapore is your place! The open-air food courts (aka Hawker Centers) are a must here. Zeno Singapore introduced me to Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre, where I tried everything from stingray, octopus, prawn, and the classic chicken satay. Separately, they insisted that I experience the infamous Durian, a tropical fruit with custard-like flesh and large seeds. Needless to say, they understand that I'll probably never indulge in it again. 

The Unique Innovation

Nowhere else in the world is quite like Singapore. From the world's tallest indoor waterfall standing at 115 feet to the largest orchid garden boasting 60,000 plants, the enchanting light show at Gardens by the Bay featuring nearly 50 hidden speakers, and the iconic 'Supertrees' that enhance the performance, every experience in Singapore is unparalleled. As a fellow commuter, even the train system, known for its easy navigation, cleanliness, and safety, contributes to making Singapore's offerings one-of-a-kind. It's no wonder that Singapore is often acclaimed as the world's best airport.


Dan Award Singapore Nirmala 2


Neighboring Islands and Countries  

Traveling from New York to Singapore on an 18-hour flight is no easy feat, but the enchanting neighboring islands and countries make it all worthwhile. Thanks to my Dan Award, I had the opportunity to explore nearby destinations such as Bali and Thailand. Upon reaching Singapore, my husband joined me, and together we immersed ourselves in a cultural extravaganza. From savoring Luwak Coffee to feeding a tiger, visiting Hindu temples, riding a Tuk Tuk, indulging in Khanom Khrok, exploring an elephant sanctuary, and passing through the beautiful city of Doha, our journey was filled with delightful experiences. 


Dan Award Singapore Nirmala 3


Thank you, Zeno Singapore, for having me! To our future Dan Award winners, may your trip be as exceptional as mine! 


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