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AI at CES 2024: Now It’s Personal

CES 2024 Blog Post

With over 130,000 people in attendance, the energy and excitement at CES 2024 reminded us of what we all missed during COVID, the hustle and bustle of seeing what’s new, what’s ahead and interacting with each other on all things innovation.

CES has always been a beacon for tech enthusiasts and the industry at large to catch a glimpse of the latest technology. A global stage that brings more than just technologists together but people from all industries looking to make connections and talk about cutting-edge technologies.

This year, there is one technology that dominated conversation and every corner of the event. The CES theme of “AI For All” stole the show and was not just a theme but woven into the show floor, brand experiences, panels, media interviews, and more. It was not just displayed but demonstrated that AI is powering devices that are more intuitive, responsive, and personalized than ever before.

Here are four AI highlights from the show:

Personal computing just got personal

Chip makers, software and computing manufacturers demonstrated their latest vision for AI in devices with the promise of AI delivering true personal computing to consumers and a bet to rekindle sales. From Intel’s latest chip Lunar Lake or client Lenovo’s Yoga 9i AI enabled PC, we’re now in a computing revolution that is making PCs truly individuaized. For example, conversing with your AI-enabled device in your natural language, making the learning curve nonexistent.

AI makes healthcare even more personal 

The intersection of AI and healthcare was a focal point at CES 2024. Innovations that focus on medical and wellness devices that can perform four health checks in under a minute and smart mattresses for better sleep, to an AI smart belt to help visually impaired users navigate via combination of cameras, sensors, haptic feedback, voice commands and edge AI analysis. The emphasis on leveraging AI to enhance medical diagnosis and treatment signifies a significant step toward personalized and efficient healthcare solutions for people of all ages. 

Auto Evolution: Unleashing Personalized Mobility 

The automotive industry showcased a profound integration of AI at CES. The emergence of AI in car manufacturing so consumers have a more personal experience is underway in upcoming models and is not limited to just expensive cars but all vehicles, making them more human. For example, AI-powered cars detecting road conditions, traffic patterns, and driver behavior, all while adjusting for safety and efficiency.

Also on the mobility front, client Kia announced it will redefine the term PBV as ‘Platform Beyond Vehicle’ and officially launched its global PBV business, a mobility solution combining fit-for-purpose EVs with advanced software solutions. As such, Kia and Uber entered a partnership at CES, committing the two companies to collaborate on Kia’s planned development and deployment of PBVs with the goal of enhancing electric vehicle offerings available on Uber’s mobility platform and supporting the global ride hailing leader in achieving its 2040 zero-emission goal. 

Unveiling the Future of Gaming Innovation 

Next generation gaming technology was strong at CES this year. Outside of graphics cards from client NVIDIA, gaming seats from Razor, gaming phones from Zeus and gaming devices from Lenovo, HP, and others, the first handheld PC gaming console using Intel processors with AI was all the buzz. Of course, the importance of your screen while gaming is key and this year it was all about 4K QD-OLED panels to help gamers gaming experience shine bright. 

CES 2024 painted a vivid picture of a future where AI is integrated and enriching every part of our daily lives making everything we touch more personal. In addition to seeing and experiencing all the amazing AI technology at CES, conversations about how AI can be used as a force for good while also discussing the ethical, privacy and safety considerations were front and center. As an industry, we bear significant responsibility in steering AI development towards moral and beneficial outcomes. CES confirmed that AI is not years away, but here with the purpose of making our lives more efficient, richer and more inclusive so that we ALL can thrive. 

Note: Lenovo, Kia and NVIDIA are Zeno clients.