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Jakarta bridge at night

About Jakarta

Our large and established presence in Jakarta, Indonesia’s thriving capital, comes with a lengthy track record of success for our clients. The diverse Indonesian culture shines through in our newly designed office space, our teamwork and our approach to tackling challenges for clients.

Rani Wisnuwardani headshot

Rani Wisnuwardani

Business Director


Recapital Build
2nd floor
DKI Jakarta 12160

Get to Know Us

Happy Hour Go-To: Aruba, Kopi Kenangan, Starbucks and our own Zeno Lounge

How We Give Back: 'Bye Bye Plastic Bags' is a NGO driven by youth to say NO to plastic bags

Office Culture Quirk: Zeno Jammin Session - when our talented Zenoids are jamming with guitar, drum, bass and microphone to give an in house music performance