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Turtle Wax Gaming

How we connected the love of cars and gaming for Turtle Wax through esports

A Premier eSports Partnership  

In 2016, Zeno created Turtle Wax’s eSports platform based on the strategic insight that the love of cars and gaming intersect. Zeno launched “Turtle Wax Gaming” through a strategic partnership with OpTic Gaming – known for their on-the-go lifestyle and passion for cars.

The partnership was steeped in social content and allowed Turtle Wax to authentically enter this industry as a non-endemic brand. The partnership continued in year two with the addition of several grassroots initiatives, and in 2018, Zeno took the program international through a team partnership with U.K.-based Splyce along with further individual, U.S.-based player partnerships.

Reaching the Millennial

10.4K Social Community Growth

social activation and sponsored content resulted in immense organic fan growth


engagements driven by Turtle Wax and esports players social content resulted in high-volume community engagement

OpTic Gaming’s Customized Garage