Steve Earl

Managing Director, Europe

Steve has seen the disruption and new opportunities that the internet has brought to public relations first-hand since he joined the industry in the mid-1990s. Having started his career in journalism in the UK and worked for two international agencies, Steve started his own PR firm in 1998, managed acquisitions, sold that business and led mergers with others. His work has won multiple awards for campaigns, leadership and business culture.

He joined Zeno in 2012 to run our operations in Europe. Steve is also the co-author of two books about the reputational risks and opportunities of progressive PR, Brand Anarchy and #brandvandals, both published by Bloomsbury.

  • News source I can’t live without:Twitter, BBC News
  • Late nights or early mornings:Both, though preferably not at the same time
  • My first client:Cisco Systems
  • Social network of choice:Twitter
  • Best advice I ever received:“Enjoy what you do.”
  • Best advice I’ve ever given:“Have confidence in yourself, people have it in you.”
  • When not working, I:Walk around my favorite part of São Paulo, Vila Madalena, along or with family and friends. Also, listening to Brazilian music and dancing, going out for lunch and dinner, cinema, dance theater and art galleries. Ride bikes, race bikes, meddle with bikes, cook food, drink wine, spend time with my family, keep talking.
  • Most Fearless Moment:Proposing marriage on Brooklyn Bridge in the rain (to my wife)