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Transforming a Blowtorch Into a Lifestyle Brand

Expand Bernzomatic customer base from niche market of plumbers and tradesmen into relevant consumer audience segments including: DIY, Maker, Culinary, Outdoors and Pro

Find Your Fire

Paid Social, Influencer, Content Creation, Earned Media

As the strategic digital marketing and storytelling partner for Bernzomatic, we honed in on an insight that blow torches have appeal beyond the trade. Through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including paid social, a robust influencer program and original content creation, we encouraged new audiences to Find Your Fire. Partnerships with celebrity chefs, mixologists and athletes have helped further expand the brands reach with on-site activations at outdoor events and the Super Bowl.

Bernzomatic is on Fire


original multimedia assets for social, helping educate consumers in a visually engaging way

14.5% CVR

increased goal conversions on Bernzomatic website (where to buy and add to cart feature) by 141% in FY19

Driving Qualified Audiences

social content off Facebook and Instagram drove 300,000+ website sessions to