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Earned, owned and paid: we optimize for audiences and bring a media mindset to everything we do.
Pizza Hut Delivery Fleet at Atlanta Stadium

About Media

We take a holistic approach to media across earned, owned and paid. We are ‘Born from PR’ so it’s natural for us to bring an earned sensibility to everything we do. Our paid media experts propose highly-efficient campaigns and optimize them for performance. From an owned perspective, our content strategists consider each channel – existing or new – to leverage for storytelling in multiple formats. Finally, all of our thinking is informed by the analysis from our data scientists to ensure we are getting the right content, in the right channel, for the right audience at the right time.

Nancy Ruscheinski Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Ruscheinski

Chief Operating Officer


130 E Randolph St
30th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601
Estados Unidos



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Pizza Hut Delivery Fleet at Atlanta Stadium
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