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Living Life in Full Bloom with Zeno’s Day of Play

This year on Zeno Group’s annual Day of Play, some of our Zeno offices experienced their first taste of springtime while others felt the air get cooler and crisper. However, everyone had one thing in common – they celebrated Zeno’s outstanding culture. On Day of Play, staffers around the globe are given the day off to refresh, recharge and reflect. We deviate from our daily routine, finding unique and unexpected experiences to try.

This year Zenoids competed, explored and made new friends. Read their reflections below. 

Shared by Viviene Ly, Zeno Silicon Valley

“I spent the morning sailing through the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market on a small boat that took me to shop for souvenirs, play with lemurs and enjoy the local dining experience. For lunch, we docked to have delicious Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup prepared quickly by local vendors in their own small boats. After the floating market, I spent the remainder of the day feeding and bathing elephants at a nearby sanctuary. This year’s Day of Play was definitely one to remember!”

Shared by Matthew Overington, Zeno Australia

“As one of Zeno’s few southern-hemisphere offices, Zeno Australia has been seeing the days grow shorter as the wet and cool winter approaches. While most of Australia doesn’t see snow during the cooler months, the weather in Sydney can be bleak and dreary – an anathema to what people generally see as ‘Australian’. A core pillar of what makes Zeno, well… ‘Zeno’… is embracing our human side. In recognition of this, Zeno Australia’s management opted to observe the Zeno Day of Play by enabling the staff to spend time with their loved ones before the winter chill. We’ve enjoyed a busy and productive summer, and the Day of Play gave an opportunity for Aussie Zenoids to connect with their families and friends and enjoy a long weekend to recharge ahead of what promises to be an equally productive winter.”

Shared by Evelyn Miller, Zeno Chicago

“15 Chicago Zenoids spent the day exploring the Wicker Park neighborhood, grabbing Manly Fries at Umami Burger, partaking in a highly competitive bocce ball tournament at Chop Shop and mastering the art of pinball at Emporium. Congratulations to tournament winners Jon Keller and Will Clanfield, and a special shout out to Meghan Edwards and Nick Eickemeyer for giving life to the most inventive throw tactic the bocce community has ever seen: ‘side wall spinning’.”

Shared by Ashley Wallace, Zeno Santa Monica

“On Monday, March 20th, I took advantage of my first-ever Day of Play to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. I intentionally built my vacation to Australia around this occasion, as I knew it would give me more time to explore and was the perfect excuse to get out and about! My day started with a 7:30 a.m. high-speed catamaran to the outer edge of Upolu Reef, where the ‘Wonder Wall’ is very visible for divers and snorkelers alike. We were the first boat to arrive and enjoyed a glass bottom boat tour around the crystal clear blue shallow water; experiencing the reef when it was quiet and undisturbed was truly spectacular. I then went with a small group to scuba dive – surrounded by stunning turquoise water, I was able to see many types of coral, reef, stingrays, sea stars, giant clams, turtles, and a huge diversity and abundance of fish of all sizes. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I’ll have to figure out how to top this experience during next year’s Day of Play. I’m thankful to Zeno and our fearless leaders for encouraging employees to explore during this occasion.”

Shared by Hugh Burrows, 3 Monkeys Zeno

 “I didn’t have any pre-ordained plans for the Day of Play, but one soon fell into place when our next-door neighbor, Richard, realized that I was at home rather than in the office. He’s 72 years old, lives by himself and gets a bit lonely sometimes, and he is not helped by the fact that he’s diabetic and also takes medication for anxiety. I invited him to lunch, and we went to our local gastro-pub, The Railway; had a slap-up meal; and ended up playing bar skittles – with much laughter as we debated rules and techniques!”

Shared by Wina Wirsatyo, Zeno Indonesia

“Our team spent their time doing a variety of activities mostly in Jakarta. From discovering new things such as strolling around old town of Jakarta alone to finding hidden gems, drawing murals on a random wall, reviving old hobbies of crafting, walking around town and playing sports, venturing on a motorcycling trip to neighboring suburbs, finishing domestic work (plumbing!), getting a Balinese Massage, buying a cheesy novel and enjoying good food while at it.”

Shared by Larissa Rosa, Zeno Brazil

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Zeno Day of Play. Living in such a big city and always rushing to get to places and deliver projects, it was amazing to have a business day completely off to relax and have fun. I got the chance to do something I hadn’t done in a very long time – go bowling. I was surprised – I even scored a few strikes! I got back to Zeno reenergized and ready for more projects.”