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Santa Monica

View from the ocean of rollercoaster on the Santa Monica Pier

About Santa Monica

There’s something magical about Southern California. That’s why tech companies are flourishing here and why Zeno established a Santa Monica office, which is located just steps from the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. We counsel, support and partner with some of the most disruptive companies around, bringing a fresh and creative perspective to our client work.

Todd Irwin Managing Director, Technology & California

Todd Irwin

Managing Director, Technology & California


520 Broadway
Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Estados Unidos



Get to Know Us

Happy Hour Go-To: You can find us at Bodega Santa Monica. 

How We Give Back: We support Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization supporting children living in poverty.

Office Culture Quirk: We’re not ashamed to declare our love for our local Benihana!