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Work For Humankind

Pushing remote work to the extreme to connect with new audiences and become a force for good

Powering Remote Work for Good

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As a leading global technology company and hybrid work facilitator, Lenovo needed to not only be part of the ‘work from anywhere’ conversation but have a distinct voice among the younger Millennial and Gen Z workforce. When research showed 86 percent believed in the importance of using remote work to support local communities, we created the award-winning Work For Humankind campaign in partnership with NGO Island Conservation.

The bold initiative put a meaningful twist on “work from anywhere” by inviting people to use Lenovo technology to do their own jobs remotely from Robinson Crusoe Island, 350 miles off Chile’s coast, while promoting the protection of endangered wildlife and empowering the local community. Lenovo built a state-of-the-art tech hub and boosted internet on the island from 1 Mbps to up to 200 Mbps. Volunteers, selected from more than 4,500 global applicants, worked from the remote hub and donated over 1,000 hours of their free time and professional skills to make a long-lasting positive difference on the island.

Bridging the digital divide, a previously isolated island of 900 people will now remain connected to the world through Lenovo technology to open new possibilities for tourism, trade, employment, and education, helping to increase its environmental and economic resilience.

A mammoth success that broke boundaries in both global reach and long-lasting impact on the local community

Double-digit increase

in positive thought leadership PR SOV for Lenovo


paid and organic social impressions and video views


the speed of conservation work with Lenovo’s ThinkEdge AI server, processing 415,000 photos per day – a critical part of the effort to prevent the extinction of endangered species