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Creating Human Identity

Helping Okta put a human value to a growing B2B technology issue: identity... with a little help from Barack Obama

Making Okta relevant to people’s daily lives, their personal identities and societies  

Awareness, Reach, Relevance

We developed a different approach to Okta’s identity story by placing importance on tying messaging to industry, cultural and political trends. Okta’s annual conference, Oktane, was the perfect opportunity to take Okta’s story to the maximum. Former US President Barack Obama delivered a story that outlined threats to our personal liberty and business growth of failing to understand and get to grips with the evolving nature of identity in our changing world.

Turning the Heat up on Oktane


searches for ‘Okta’ during Oktane18 , compared to the same period in 2017


average reach in tier one UK earned media (Forbes,Telegraph, Bloomberg TV, Daily Mail)


of results included new messaging and story capture of Barack Obama