The Interns are Coming, The Interns are Coming!

4 Months of interviews.

5 Offices.

1,180 applicants.

28 amazing new interns.

In February, we kicked off our annual nationwide search for our 2016 class of Summer Interns. Between our 5 US offices (Chicago, Dallas, Santa Monica, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and New York) we were ‘on the hunt’ for 28 summer interns who could embrace Zeno’s ‘fearless spirit’ to work across our vast number of big-name clients during one of our busiest seasons.

Over a thousand individuals applied from universities across the country, but only a few dozen were chosen for initial phone screens. These semi-finalists were then asked to complete a writing test within 24 hours. Pending successful completion of the writing test, our applicants then participated in panel interviews (in person or via video conference) with up to five Zenoids at a time – many of whom were once interns themselves! The competition was fierce with many of our applicants already having 2-3 PR internships under their belt. Finalists were chosen based not only on their background but whether they displayed the Fearless traits we look for in every Zenoid.

In the end, we chose 28 extraordinary young professionals, many of whom we hope will become the future of Zeno. Over the next 3 months our interns will meet with top Zeno leaders, participate in training and work as a team to complete a final intern project while also working on real client deliverables alongside some of the most talented PR professionals in the industry.


Congratulations to all our 2016 class of Summer Interns!

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