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Welcome to In The Mix with Jas! If you like make-up, cool clothes, and creativity with a digital flair, you’ve stumbled upon the right post. Every couple of weeks I’ll be writing about the coolest, newest innovations in beauty, fashion and art in the digital realm.

But wait….who is Jas?

Jasmine Cordew is an Assistant Account Executive on the Digital team at Zeno NY. While I am fairly new to Zeno Group, I’ve worked on a number of independent projects in my time before Zeno. I am my own influencer; I run my own personal blog, website and Instagram page that promotes a DIY book I’ve written. I also manage public relations and event coordination for an up and coming, poetry based non-profit organization named Open Moments NYC.

In the last year, there has been an influx of digitally savvy fashion items for women to choose from. As technology advances, fashion designers are becoming more eager to join the conversation around innovation. The last year, there have many fashion forward digital innovations that can transform how we go about our daily lives. That said, I’ve compiled my top 3 digitally awesome fashion items from the last year


If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the go, you spend a lot of time on your phone and you love looking cute yet comfy. This lifestyle usually comes with sore feet, a dead phone and a need for nice jeans (can’t ever go wrong with a pair of good denim!). Wouldn’t it be cool, and stop me if this sounds crazy, if there was a pair of cute jeans that also allowed our phones to stay charged without hassle? Brace yourself ladies….these jeans exist! Joe Jeans, a LA based apparel company created a cute line of jeans that has an opening above the back pocket slim enough to fit a portable battery. You connect it to your phone through a power cord hidden comfortably along the seams of the jeans. Another side pocket will house your phone while it charges.


Elektronista_Bag_gadgets1-e1416140911553Can’t wear jeans to the office? Don’t fret. Knomo has created a utility purse that also charges your phone. “The Electronista” features a number of compartments made to make organizing our purse contents so much easier. You can also fit a 10” iPad inside but you want to know the best part?  It has a 3000mAh battery, with a micro-USB charging cable, inside that can charge your devices as you carry them. Awesome right?




As busy women, sometimes we spend late nights at the office or client dinners run late and it can be dangerous for us to be out in the street. With that in mind, Roar created “Athena”, a wearable alarm that is used to alert authorities of an attack or assault. In the event of an attack, you would hold the button for three seconds which sounds an alarm the same decibel as a freight train. Then a message will be sent to pre-determined friends and family automatically. Your contacts will get a map showing your location, directions and the opportunity to call you or 911. Roar is currently updating the device to call 911 automatically. This is great because not only will there be someone to know where you are, the loud sound can deter the attack.


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