Green Shirt In Singapore! #FindYourFearless

With 2015 coming to an end, I’ve started reflecting on how much has happened over the past year and what I’ve learned from it all. I am a big believer of learning from experiences (I was never a bookworm), and I try to come across as many new experiences as possible.

In June, I was given the opportunity to visit Zeno’s regional headquarters in Singapore for a month-long stint called the “Tour De Zeno.” It’s a chance to exchange offices, so that we can understand different cultures and other office team ways of “finding our fearless.” One of the most beautiful things about this program is that it focuses more on experiencing Zeno and our market as a whole rather than just working from a different place.

People say that the first couple of days in a new city are always the most difficult. Luckily for me, as soon as I reached my river side apartment on the breathtaking Kim Yam Road, Natasha from the Zeno Singapore office was there to take me out for dinner.


The cultural and knowledge sharing that started with a simple chicken rice dinner continued throughout the month. It was easy to sense the dynamic team environment from the smartly-designed office itself.

Fearless work, fun and food (my favourite combination) were always integrated at Zeno Singapore. I loved going out with team for lunches and trying out various new cuisines, especially the ones that I had never heard of and would not have had tried without company and encouragement.

zeno-singapore-office zeno-singapore-lunch

Living all alone and working in a different country for a month was an overwhelming experience, but very fruitful in terms of growing as an individual. I had a chance to work alongside some of the best talents in the industry. Working daily with Matt, Natasha and Jess on planning has given me direction and exposure that will play a major role in shaping the next steps in my career. Also, working on new accounts with new people who supported me was extremely encouraging and I am thankful to the entire Singapore team for the unforgettable experience.


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