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Simply put: what a day. A very big day for Zeno and 3 Monkeys.

3 Monkeys | Zeno  – the UK Zenoids join the ‘jungle’ and the Monkeys go green

Angie Moxham and I met about a year ago. Certainly her reputation – and that of the agency she has so masterfully built – preceded her. Almost instantly we felt a connection. (Get to know Angie here



We have much in common despite the different parts of the world from which we come. I, the daughter of a self-made Brooklyn peddler and my mother fearless in her own right.  Angie, raised in the north east of England, where so much innovation has been sparked through history and people have a tendency to speak their minds.  Truth be told, this Brooklyn girl is still getting acquainted with Angie’s North Yorkshire (north-east English) terminology.  This I know:  our joining forces is propa belta and together we plan to set-a-hed to the market.  

Both of us mums, energized every day by the work we do for our clients, and grateful for the teams that have taken this journey with us to make the magic happen day in and day out.  

On that first day we met, we both felt the potential of “what if…”.

What if we joined forces to take both our businesses to a new level doing what we do best –  game-changing, head-turning work that matters.

What if 3 Monkeys could export its award-winning brand of communications beyond the UK as clients had been asking about for years.

What if Zeno could accelerate its global scale with a more robust UK operation as the platform from which to grow – UK, Europe and beyond.

And what if we could open exciting new career paths for our teams – the opportunity to work on a larger global stage for the clients who trust us with their business.

Starting today in the UK, we are proudly now known as 3 Monkeys | Zeno. We move from dreaming of ‘what if’ to realizing the full potential of what we can do together.  I could not be more excited to welcome Angie, Christine and the entire 3 Monkeys gang into the Zeno family. We are honored they have chosen green for their next chapter.  

I can’t help but think now “what would Dan say?” Because Zeno’s story began in 1998 with Dan Edelman’s vision to start a second, separate agency.  And one day be global.  

Well, here we are. For the first decade or so of our Zeno life (previously PR 21), we were a North American agency. In 2012, we began to set our sights on a more global ambition.  We established Zeno Asia that now numbers eight offices and has been recognized for its leading-edge digital and integrated communications work. We opened our European hub in the UK, and today with the acquisition of 3 Monkeys Communications, London is one of Zeno’s largest offices.  And, we have a growing presence in Latin America, headquartered in Brazil. No doubt, the brilliance of the Monkeys will impact us well beyond UK shores.  All in, we are now around 400 Zenoids around the world and growing. Six years ago, we weren’t even 100.

Fueled by Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit and Richard Edelman’s trust and support, we are proudly charting our global course in ways others simply cannot. We fly fearless.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, Zeno will continue to grow around the world with a laser focus on work that matters for our clients. We will keep evolving, but we will never lose our soul. Our values are more than words on a page; they are non-negotiable parts of us to ensure that Zeno is a place where careers are built, lives are lived and great work is done. We are the agency for the boldest and brightest.  

3 Monkeys | Zeno.  A new chapter for us all.

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