For The Love Of Ideas

By: Grant Deady / June 29, 2015
Sitting on the lower level of the Palais at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. This is the area where work from the top marketing campaigns in the world is on display—hundreds of boards and short films that tell stories about how incredible ideas come to life, and the results ... Read More
An award is recognition for an amazing journey. For creative communications professionals, client work that lands at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity should be celebrated – not just for the well-deserved industry accolades; but for creating something with meaningful impact that propels our shared journey forward. This is ... Read More
Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes, where the Cannes Lions is being held this week, is an amazing building. While there is a huge amount going on, there are two auditoriums where the main presentations are taking place – The Grand Audi (seating 2,309) and The Debussy (seating 1,068). To ... Read More
The wonder of Cannes Lions is its sheer scale – which means the ability to find interesting conversations/experiences on the fringes. However, the most important part of the show remains, as BBDO coined, ‘The Work, The Work, The Work.’ I got a tour of the Cannes Lions Archives and it was ... Read More
The Cannes Lions as been called ‘the Oscars of the marketing and communication industry.’ Around 11,000 registered delegates from 90 countries visit the Festival, to celebrate the best of creativity in brand communication, discuss industry issues and network with one another. For the first time, Zeno will be represented by three Fearless ... Read More
(As you would expect) Facebook has a high-profile presence at Cannes Lions! Housed at the glorious Majestic Hotel, directly across from the main festival venue – I caught up with Dan Neary, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Facebook. Dan listed three areas during the Festival he was most excited about. ... Read More

Express Yourself(ie)

By: Claire Gurr / June 22, 2015
I came a little late to the selfie phenomenon. Partly because I have an irrational hatred of the word ‘selfie’ but mainly because I was busy taking photos of my two new babies, who seemed far more captivating than a poorly-framed, gurning shot of me. Plus I felt awkward actually ... Read More
Off-site meetings – they can be an invaluable use of time, with teams inspired and motivated by different surroundings and an agenda that encourages new thinking. Or, of course, they can be a day locked away in a windowless hotel room with drab décor and memorable only for the lunch, ... Read More
A news publisher tells us what’s happening in the world at the moment, but its archive of articles can collectively create a powerful time capsule on culture. As part of NewCo (a city-wide open house and conference featuring dozens of companies) last month, I visited The New York Times R&D ... Read More

Why Are Employees So Disengaged at Work?

By: Mark Shadle / June 10, 2015
You may be familiar with the concerning statistics about the very small percentage of employees that are ‘engaged’ at work. Gallup places the number of ‘engaged’ employees at 31.5 percent in the U.S., and even lower worldwide, at 13 percent. Certainly there must be some path forward, we thought, so ... Read More
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