Media change: leading from the front

By: Hannah Williams / January 20, 2015
Today the biggest selling newspaper in Britain, The Sun, has called time on devoting space on its Page 3 to pictures of topless women. To those reading this outside the UK, this is a tradition that dates back to 1970, when the Sun has regularly featured bare-breasted women alongside its ... Read More

The Best of CES

By: Cameron Gordon / January 15, 2015
The International CES® spectacular in Las Vegas, Nevada has become a right-of-passage for techies, tinkerers and early adopters from across the globe. More than 170,000 industry pros (including yours truly, on behalf of Zeno Canada) descended upon “Sin City” last week to see the latest and greatest in consumer electronics. ... Read More
PR agencies talk a lot about culture. They also talk a lot about how they’re not just PR agencies any more, as our industry has changed and their services have evolved with it. Which made me wonder – culture is obviously important to commercial success and employee wellbeing, but can ... Read More
Tell a great story and people will listen. Or if you’re a publisher, people will click, read and share your content if it attracts their attention, deserves retention and is worthy of additional observation. This week, The New York Times released a Top 20 list of 2014’s Most Visited Content ... Read More

Making January 12 months long

By: Hannah Williams /
Love them or hate them, make them or break them, New Year’s resolutions are part and parcel of welcoming a new year. From quitting smoking to losing weight, resolutions are often health related and the question is whether we can make a healthy start in January turn into a healthy ... Read More

LinkedIn’s blogging expansion and the human touch

By: Hannah Williams / January 9, 2015
A few years ago I posted a thread on Linkedin asking why the business-focussed social network wasn’t a better forum for online conversation. It prompted a lot of conversation about that point. As LinkedIn has continued to evolve over the past couple of years, it has progressively opened up more ... Read More

Black Friday to Manic Monday? I feel days-d

By: Hannah Williams / December 9, 2014
I’m starting to think I might be the only person in the whole of the UK, possibly the Christmas-celebrating world, who hasn’t already finished her Christmas shopping. On Black Friday I viewed the spectacle of men and women brawling over discounted TVs in supermarkets across the UK with a mixture ... Read More

The Hangout Goes Mainstream

By: Drew Pratt / December 4, 2014
The assignment was simple — gather some people to talk and learn about chocolate. Add wine to the equation too, now that pairing has become a growing obsession. And share this chat with the masses. Hmmmm… it was a hard job, but someone had to do it. And I was ... Read More

The politics of leaving an online review

By: Zeno Group / December 1, 2014 Originally published on ... Read More

A Field of Hope

By: Zeno Group / November 10, 2014
Tomorrow is Armistice Day in many parts of Europe, where at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, people fall silent to commemorate the end of the First World War. It is a sombre and humbling occasion each year, but in 2014 all the more poignant ... Read More
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