Heads Up: Two More Awards

By: Claire Pay / March 26, 2015
Congratulations to our  team in London working on communications for head lice treatment Vamousse, who had wins at both the OTC (Over The Counter) Marketing Awards (Marketing Campaign on a Small Budget) and the SMART Awards (Best Consumer Marketing Small Budget). The prestigious OTC Marketing Awards are in recognition of the best work in ... Read More

Tapping Mum’s Emotions

By: Gurjit Hothi / March 23, 2015
Communicating with mothers has been a desire for many brands in recent years but needs careful, thoughtful planning and navigation. Last week I attended the second annual Mumstock conference in London. The event, organised by Mumsnet, one of the UK’s most influential parenting sites, was set up to help communicators connect ... Read More
I spent some time recording a few thoughts on developments in audience insight, or, as I like to refer to them as, Human Truths, this week for The Holmes Report. It’s an area that has seen tremendous leaps forward in the past couple of years, and one that I’ve become ... Read More

Bursting the B2B Reputation Bubble?

By: Steve Earl / March 11, 2015
Ask around about consumer brands or well-known individuals who’ve fallen prey to reputational sabotage and many in the communications field quickly provide examples. The assignment becomes tougher when looking at business-to-business (B2B) brands though. Perhaps natural given that they tend to be less public-facing, but pulling together examples for a ... Read More
“How do we make this go viral?” is the million dollar question that we’ve heard hundreds of times our industry. We’re always on the look out for the next Evolution of Dance, David at the Dentist, Apparently Kid, the list can go on and on. And while these were certainly ... Read More
Thanks Obama! BuzzFeed’s video featuring President Obama recently surpassed 50 million views on Facebook. Jonathan Perelman, BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s Vice President, presented at Social Media Week in New York to let us know how they got the Commander-in-Chief to use a selfie stick. Okay, he was actually there to talk ... Read More

Business Trip: Gangnam, in Style

By: Emily Grannis / February 24, 2015
Usually when the client drops by my desk, it means that there is a big project coming my way.  So when the director of corporate communications for Kia Motors America dropped by my cube on an uneventful Friday, I was ready for whatever was to come. When it turned out ... Read More

UK Start-Ups and Pie-Slicing 2.0

By: Steve Earl / February 13, 2015
Start-ups have long been a crucial part of the UK economy. As the economy continues to take steps towards recovery, and with technological innovation increasingly disrupting sectors and opening up new business models, politicians, business leaders and anyone with a vested interest has been quick to talk up the role ... Read More

PR Storytelling Tips for 2015

By: Annelise Bamberg / February 11, 2015
The old saying goes, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” However, PRSA-LA panelist Sally Falkow, APR, advises further investigation: Does it want a mousetrap? Does it know that you have a mousetrap? Does it know the way to your door? Social media ... Read More
In the age of increasingly integrated communications, when we’re continuing to test the boundaries of what can be achieved with earned media, the pursuit of the unexpected through creativity has never been more prized. And with each new challenge we face, we’re reminded that our level of audience understanding has ... Read More
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