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On Better Newsrooms and the Need to Think Like a Modern Journalist

What do journalists really want from us? It seems like a throwback PR question, and one that has been banded around in our world for decades. Still though, it seems PR people all-too-often fail to crack it. According to a PR Moment story last week about a recent survey, just six per cent of journalists believe that digital… Read More

Making the Most of My First Month at Zeno

As the first month of my internship at Zeno Group wraps up, I’m amazed by how much I have learned. Everything from taking the train into the city to attending a client’s sales summit has been a new experience. Originally from the East Coast, I was a small town guy with big city dreams when I… Read More

Zeno Healthcare: Going Global in NYC

We’ve literally just touched down on UK soil from the annual Zeno global health practice summit in New York. Bringing together colleagues from around the world, the summit was focused on sharing best practice across markets, networking, celebrating outstanding work and collaborating on the global vision for the health practice which continues to go from… Read More

Tom Hanks Makes a Storytelling Splash at Tribeca Film Festival

“It’s a glow-in-the-dark compass ring. So you don’t get lost.” – Tom Hanks as Josh in the 1988 movie “Big” Tom Hanks is a five-time Academy Award nominee for Best Actor and two-time winner, establishing himself as one of the all-time greats in Hollywood history. His career compass ring has been glowing strong for three… Read More

Facebook F8 2016 Recap

That’s a wrap on Facebook’s two day annual F8 conference, which is Facebook’s seminar for developers and entrepreneurs who build products around the social platform. Below you will find some of the biggest highlights from day one and two of F8. Day One Facebook Messenger as a Platform– Facebook is opening up Messenger and allowing developers to add… Read More

Facebook updates their branded content and advertising policy

Facebook has officially updated its policy to allow verified publishers, media companies, marketers and influencers to post ads and branded content to their pages. Previously, Facebook has banned the sharing of branded content unless it was a part of a paid ad campaign. The latest changes will now allow posts containing text, photos, videos, instant… Read More

Fearless, Peerless Women in the World

    “For a woman to reach the top, she has to have skin as thick as an old crocodile” (Christine Lagarde, managing director, International Monetary Fund) “Our rights will be the first to go, when this all crumbles” (Seline Sayak-Boke, deputy chair of Republican People’s Party of Turkey) “I don’t want to hear ’50… Read More

National Beer Day with the King of Beers

It’s not every day you walk into work and get to talk exclusively about beer, unless of course it’s National Beer Day and your client is the biggest beer producer in the nation. To use the Internet’s favorite humble brag: I’m #blessed.                          … Read More

Is Customer Experience Too Big?

Long before we had the term Customer Experience, I was doing the work associated with it. I have had a front row seat to watch the evolution of CX and I am seeing the same path I have seen for many other hopeful initiatives. I think it is key that we understand the trends and… Read More

Men of Zeno Reflect on Impactful Women Leaders in Their Lives

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked men across the Zeno network to reveal one of the most influential women in history or in their own lives. The only caveats? Can’t pick mom or a Zeno colleague. The women the selected were intriguing, inspiring and international. MURILLO OLIVEIRA, ZENO BRAZIL I have two inspiring… Read More