Groundhog Day in VC-Land: Three-Year Analysis Shows Remarkably Constant VC Ecosystem

By: Katie Wood Znameroski + Kriselle Laran / May 21, 2015
TL;DR LinkedIn wins with VCs, who are slowly joining Twitter For VCs who are on Twitter, the composition of their networks is consistent To get on the radar of this exclusive group, don’t overlook LinkedIn, put executives out front, and double-down on outreach to top tech and business media In ... Read More
We’ve become so used to the term smartphone in recent years that we’re almost blase about the term. So here’s something that really does seem smart – an app that enables a phone to act as a substitute for sleep-deprived parents in helping toddlers to get to doze off. SleepHero ... Read More

There’s No ‘i’ in Teen (Or Is There?)

By: Therese Caruso / May 15, 2015
Generation WE. The first generation born on the web. Gender-agnostic. Curious and courageous. It’s a generation that is not the typical rule-breaking, rebellious band of adolescents and 20-somethings one might expect. But values and the way people behave have changed markedly. This is the backdrop to a short talk I’m ... Read More
I voted this morning. Like many others in the UK who return from the polling stations today, I’m waiting with interest to see the outcome of what looks to be one of the closest elections in years. Despite the current UK climate of voter apathy. The political parties have been ... Read More

Apathy in the UK

By: Hannah Williams / May 6, 2015
Tomorrow the UK public will have the opportunity to vote in the country’s General Election. Exciting isn’t it? The opportunity to decide how the country will be governed and what policies may become enshrined in law. But of course we all know that one of the biggest barriers to democracy in ... Read More
Bodies – and the effect they have on self-confidence – have been a topic of hot debate in the UK lately. While the contentious so-called Protein World ‘fat shaming’ beach body campaign has stirred emotions and sparked protests in recent weeks, campaigns like This Girl Can are filling media space with ... Read More
Immersive journalism. Beacon-based interactive story. A sensory documentary experience for one. These are all descriptors for various exhibits, installations and projects that were on display or on stage at Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive event and the accompanying Storyscapes. From the virtual reality gaming of PaperDude VR to the rope-led Door ... Read More
Today is something of a watershed one in the world of search. In what is being billed by the media (no doubt with its own search aspirations around the content, naturally) as Mobilegeddon, Google is shifting its rules on search to give increased priority to content on web sites that ... Read More

A Turkish Spring Break

By: Kate Aherne / April 14, 2015
When I entered into the Masters of Science in Human Resources program at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in June 2013, I knew I had a tough road ahead. Not only did I have to reteach myself how to study (tests? what are those?), I also had to ... Read More

Lessons From My First Boss (RIP)

By: Steve Earl / April 10, 2015
I had a tweet out of the blue this week from Alex Johnson, a freelance journalist, to let me know that my first boss had just passed away. I had no idea they even knew each other, but as the former editor of a small UK local newspaper with many ... Read More