An AWESOME Start to Winter with #ZenoCAN


We welcome spring with open arms, we embrace summer with margaritas and sun-kissed skin, we leap into fall with cozy blankets and pumpkin spiced lattes and then there’s winter. Dry itchy skin, big bulky parkas and slushy, salty clothes-ruining snow. In Canada it is an illusion that we all embrace the flakes and -40 degree weather. In fact, you’re bound to see more Canadians booking it to Mexico and Dominican Republic in December than anybody else. We are the most diagnosed nation of seasonal depression and the phrase “winter is coming” was established in Canada long before Game of Thrones.


So what can we do as an agency to help our employees make it through the drab winter months ahead? Here in the 6ix (Toronto for those who don’t know) The Culture Crew created “30 Days of AWESOME” a funtastic initiative to inspire the team everyday with simple, fun and most of all, fearless activities. We brainstormed activities ranging from simple (Two Truths and a Lie) to more complex, (a pot luck cheese platter where you have to share with the team your cheesiest date story or pick-up line).


Most of the activities are quick and easy so even if you’re having a busy day you can still participate. Some of my favorites:

  • Motivate Monday: BYOB (bring your own breakie) to our Monday morning meeting and share your goal for the week
  • TimeOutTuesday: Who’s your Spirit Animal? We all share a photo of our spirit animal and the team has to guess “who’s who in the Zoo”
  • Friday Meme Day: each member of the office to share their favourite TGIF meme with the team
  • It’s a Hack-a-thon: (beauty, food, DIY) share it with the team and challenge them to try over the weekend (check out Cynthia’s DIY mason jar hack!)
Cynthia Zamaria mason jar hack

Through all of the inspiring and sometime whacky activities we realized the importance of fun in the workplace, especially when it’s unexpected. Bringing laughter to our team inspires creativity, unifies us and encourages growth and innovation in our work. So we challenge you to make your own 30 Days of AWESOME. Share with us @ZenoCanada @ZenoGroup with the hashtag #ZenoCAN your favorite office initiatives because today is a day to be AWESOME.

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