Temasek: The Great Singapore Replay


Zeno wanted to spark Temasek’s reputation as an enabler for youth and Singapore’s passion for home-grown music past, present and future – at the same time, while bridging the gap between the generations and demographics while empowering creative young people to pursue their dreams and build culture genuinely and credibly was an ambitious task. To turn up the volume on made-in-Singapore music across decades and generations, we gave young artists an opportunity they all dreamt of – the chance to reimagine one of Singapore’s favourite songs from the past – and take centre stage to perform the song live in concert.


To launch the campaign, the public was invited to vote on homegrown songs of the 1960s to 2000s. Thousands listened, learned and voted for the songs at TGSR digital jukeboxes and displays across town and on TGSR’s website – boosting discovery and taking awareness of Singapore’s music history to a new level.

Next, TGSR’s webisode series, following the remarkable journeys of discovery, collaboration and reimagination, was born. A ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style camera crew and beloved 987FM radio host Joakim Gomez documented the fascinating creative journeys from the first initial brainstorm to the final concert, as the artists explored different paths to reimaging the classic songs over eight episodes and candidly shared some of the challenges they faced bringing their vision to life and pursuing their musical dreams. Considered “one of the largest musical collaborations we’ve ever witnessed on [Singapore] shores” both the mainstream media and the public got behind both the artists, their journeys and the music. Singapore fell in love with the artists as they received widespread attention across media outlets on and offline.

To broaden public engagement, an Open Call contest was also launched as citizens across Singapore began sharing their own reinventions of local songs with the #TGSR hashtag. Just as the public’s curiosity about the reimagined tracks hit a high note on social media, our artists hit the recording studio and a LIVE CONCERT was held to launch the new songs.

The creative strategy was to inspire the community to take part in steering the campaign every step of the way, as they selected the songs, participated in the open call, and journeyed with the 10 pairs of artists from offline to digital and social platforms – rediscovering local music and witnessing the talent that we have right here on our island. A free live concert transformed followers into fans, and the artists reveled in the wide media exposure on TV, radio, print, digital and social media.

TGSR made music history as the public watched the 10 emerging artists perform their freshly reimagined classic hits live to the tune of their own imaginations, and Temasek found a new home in the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.