Sustaining Coverage & Thought Leadership With No News


After the company’s launch, Sentient Technologies had no new hard news to generate media interest or buzz. In spite of this news challenge, Zeno was tasked in sustaining a drumbeat of coverage while cultivating influencer relationships across top-tier business and technology publications. Zeno was additionally tasked in establishing Sentient as a thought leader in artificial intelligence through regional Silicon Valley technology events.


Generating interest in artificial intelligence without news, Zeno secured 15 introductory briefings from strategic media including Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Zeno maintained momentum and secured coverage by managing relationships with reporters to be featured as AI experts in larger stories and high-jacking hot topic news cycles. Throughout this process, Sentient garnered 48 unique articles across top tier publications. Significant pieces of coverage included placements in Bloomberg News, CNBC, Financial Times, Forbes, FORTUNE, MIT Technology Review, NBC’s broadcast, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED and Yahoo Finance. Zeno also secured ongoing contributed article opportunities with The Huffington Post and WIRED. To build out Sentient’s thought leadership presence in Silicon Valley, Zeno coordinated with The Churchill Club and Sentient to hold a panel event on Artificial Intelligence. The program included speakers from Viv, Twitter Cortex, IBM, SRI Ventures and was moderated by Jack Clark of Bloomberg News. On this panel, Nigel Duffy represented Sentient Technologies and spoke to the trends around AI today. The program was well attended by CTOs, IT leaders and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Thirteen media from leading publications such as Forbes, CIO, eWeek, Examiner, Reuters and VentureBeat attended the event. Additionally, this event led to the company recruiting and hiring new AI talent.