Pizza Hut Launches New Oven Hot Delivery System with the Pizza Parka



Challenged to make massive news out of the rollout of Pizza Hut’s hot delivery system, which essentially consisted of a new delivery pouch and box, Zeno and Pizza Hut create the Pizza Parka. The parka was a creative wrapper which enabled Zeno to create broad consumer awareness of the new delivery system and drive brand reappraisal by reinforcing the belief that Pizza Hut always has the hottest – and therefore – most craveable pizza in the category.


The system and parka were launched through a multi-tiered media approach targeting business, trade, consumer and lifestyle media. Business media led the charge with embargoed stories in key outlets running the morning of the launch setting the stage for the official system and parka launch party at NYC’s Minus 5 Ice Bar that evening where consumer and lifestyle media outlets and influencers walked through the full hot delivery experience from demonstrations with the Pizza Hut Engineering team and 3M reps to testing the warmth of the Pizza Parka in the Ice Bar, to tasting their very own oven hot pizza.

The momentum continued as individual Pizza Parkas were sent to top media and influencers for them to create their own content featuring the parka and oven hot Pizza Hut pizza and share on their respective social channels driving an additional round of consumer exposure.