Documented evidences reveal that breast cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide, representing nearly a quarter of all cancers. 1 in every 28 women is likely to be diagnosed with this disease in their life time. Strikingly, it is now the most common cancer among Indian women. Beyond a shred of doubt, breast cancer is a deadly epidemic – ragingly becoming uncontrollable by the day.

Being the strategic communications partner for Avon, a beauty, household, and personal care products company, we embarked on a crusade to promote early detection of this disease.


Lack of awareness is definitely a significant reason for the rise of cancer incidents in our country, but when it comes to breast cancer — the lack of action poses even a greater threat that we took upon ourselves to mitigate. Women pay attention to a lot of things – their profession, their weight, their looks amongst others. However, one thing they don’t pay attention to is themselves and their health, specially their breasts. In fact, it’ not only the women – it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, 16 or 36, smoker and non-smoker, fit or lazy – breast cancer can hit anyone.

Therefore, we conceptualized a phased journey to enable an outreach to maximum number of people who could be educated about the simple Breast Self-Examination procedure. While embarking on this journey – we ideated a 360-degree approach to trigger wider and deeper conversations that could help increase our share of voice and impact larger groups of people transcending age, professions and geographies. To do so, we partnered with likeminded people and organizations that could help us enhance and optimize the impact of our efforts.

Our endeavor was to educate people that cancer does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone and most importantly – this cancer could be cured if detected early!