Making Vaccines Critical to Family Health


Develop a cross–vaccine education and engagement program to educate consumers about the importance of vaccination across a lifetime with the goal of raising awareness about immunization and encouraging people to talk to their healthcare professional about vaccines recommended for them and their families. The first program of its kind for this client, the platform would need to collectively support the vaccines franchise as well as individual brands.


Zeno Group implemented a national media and local market outreach campaign to raise awareness of vaccine recommendations across all life stages among the family’s key healthcare decision maker–women ages 31–65. The campaign encouraged her to participate in more discussions with health care professionals about herself and her family and increase her intent to vaccinate herself and her family. Partnerships with WebMD and Healthy Women acted as a perpetual media driver and garnered nine industry awards to date.

Milestones like National Infant Immunization Week, the back to school season and flu season served as relevant and timely news hooks to build compelling content that would attract media interest and audience engagement. Partnering with a registered nurse and medical doctor as spokespeople, Zeno created national English and Spanish PSAs for television and radio, bi–lingual mat releases and audio news releases. Leveraging the HealthyWomen community, a social media push resulted in over 400 million impressions. For flu season, Zeno worked with Associated Press on sponsored tweets and created a bi–lingual RMT and ANR that contributed to the campaign’s 58,900+ placements.