Launching First-of-Its-Kind Investment Model for Big Data


Position KPMG as a thought-leader in the crowded data and analytics (D&A) category with the launch of a new investment model. Gain visibility among key media, influencers, existing and potential customers as well as potential partners and investors.


Zeno supported KPMG with the launch of a new unit, KPMG Capital, a first-of-its-kind investment model that streamlines big data insights for the C-suite. Zeno elevated KPMG’s visibility in the data and analytics (D&A) field among prominent media – Financial Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, FOX Business, among others – and D&A influencers, including Altimeter and MIT’s Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship. The launch also engaged a robust audience of social influencers that spread the announcement to a broader audience of executives and potential entrepreneurs/partners.