Emerging Tech Storytelling Transforms the Iconic Chipmaker Brand


Intel has long been known as the iconic chipmaker behind PCs with the blue and white logo and catchy mnemonic. In recent years, the brand has been on a mission to transform perception from a chip company to a company that powers amazing experiences that transform people’s lives.

Over the last 2+ years, Zeno has been focused on mounting storytelling that brings to life how Intel technology inside creates amazing experiences outside. Zeno’s work is both b2c and b2b, leveraging campaigns across emerging technologies such as drones, VR and AI.


Zeno won at Cannes for their work spotlighting Intel’s technology in Lady Gaga’s spectacular Grammys performance in 2016 and the 2017 Super Bowl drone lightshow.

For Intel’s partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and a digitally re-imagined performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Zeno inserted Intel into culture, theatre and performing arts conversations with top tier media including a feature story in The New York Times.

The past year, Zeno also up-leveled Intel’s entrance into sports and VR with a feature story in WIRED.

Zeno has been able to move the needle significantly for Intel through this regular, ongoing storytelling, playing a role key in Intel’s brand transition from the longstanding “Intel Inside” to the all-inviting, all-inclusive “Amazing Experiences Outside.”