Hologic: Empowering Women with Heavy Periods to Wear White Again


1 in 5 women globally suffer from heavy periods, but many accept it as a normal part of being a woman rather than a medical condition that can be treated. Zeno was challenged with transforming this taboo topic into an opportunity to empower women to be their own health advocate through informed conversations with their doctor about treatment options.


Zeno was challenged with encouraging women in the US and UK to take control over their heavy periods by seeking diagnosis and treatment for this common, yet underdiscussed condition. Zeno and Hologic issued a provocative call to action, “Wear White Again,” to transform a color avoided by women with heavy periods into an emblem for empowerment and hope.

The campaign was activated at influential blogger conferences in the US and UK and was adapted to resonate with audiences in each market. In the US, Hologic partnered with the White Dress Project to use shocking white lipstick as a powerful opportunity to give heavy periods some much needed lip service, encouraging women to share photos on social media with #WhyIWearWhite.  In the UK, Hologic used the 1 in 5 statistics to provoke women to ask themselves “Am I Number 5?” To create a visual disruption for social sharing, women painted one fingernail a different color to put a spotlight on the incidence of heavy periods.  In both markets, Hologic used the power of high-engagement influencers, earned media, social media marketing and event activations to extend the message. Social media and traditional media coverage generated awareness and most importantly drove traffic to Hologic’s unbranded awareness websites, where women can learn about heavy periods, treatment options, and find a local physician to begin their treatment journey.