Margaret Key

CEO, Asia Pacific

Margaret Key has proudly lived and worked in Asia for close to 25 years. A native of South Carolina, her journey to Asia started as a graduate student with the aim of returning to the United States to pursue a career in the diplomatic service.  Those ambitions were circumvented with a call to work in Seoul at Hyundai Motor’s first Global PR team.  From in-house, she opted to work in-agency and has been working on the side of agencies for most of her time in Asia and with no regrets!

Margaret’s strategic counsel, creative platform design and understanding of the Asian stakeholder landscape have been instrumental in raising awareness about her clients, which have ranged from government, food, health, automotive and technology. A passionate counselor, Key embraces challenging communications assignments that allow her and multi-market teams to showcase Asia, its dynamic markets, communities and diversified channels.

Margaret cherishes her time with family in-and-out of Asia.  A ‘gypsy by heart,‘ Margaret loves traveling, especially travel that allows her to tie up her running shoes to discover the best running routes in each city she visits.

  • News Source I Can’t Live Without:New York Times, WSJ, CNN and Chosun Ilbo (Korean news!)
  • First Client: Northwest Airlines now Delta
  • Social Network of Choice:Facebook/Instagram
  • Best Advice Received:“Dream BIG.” (My mom)
  • Best Advice You’ve Given:“Stop worrying about what others think.”
  • When You’re Not Working:Running, now a swimming convert, cooking, traveling the globe, trying out the newest vegan restaurant wherever we are with my very patient son
  • Most Fearless Moment:The day I decided to travel to South Korea to study as an undergrad student when everyone told me ‘no’. Growing up in a mixed ethnic household, I wanted to learn more about my mother’s heritage. I have learned more than I could have imagined and have received one of the best educations!
  • Late Nights of Early Mornings:I love to wake up early but in Asia, have gotten used to the late nights because of the cultural work ethic but also the late con-calls. Asia is sleeping when the rest of the world is waking up.