Julie Georgas

Managing Director, Canada

An entrepreneur at heart, Julie founded Toronto-based Instigator Communications. For 10 years, she successfully led and grew a belief-based agency known for smart PR, social and influencer campaigns and a research-driven, journalistic approach.

Now as Managing Director of Zeno Canada, Julie brings strategic and creative counsel to clients and channels her entrepreneurial, scrappy spirit to instigate real business results and do the unexpected.

Julie has more than a decade of communications experience in brand marketing, corporate reputation and digital content strategy spanning retail, hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, sports, technology and CPG.

  • News Source I Can't Live Without:CBC, CNN and Vanity Fair
  • Late Night or Early Morning:Early mornings. I wake up in overdrive.
  • My First Client:GogoBaby, a baby travel rental gear company
  • Social Network of Choice:Instagram
  • Best Advice I Ever Received:"You have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk". "Cheap is expensive in the long run"
  • Best Advice I've Ever Given:Show up, dress up, no matter what
  • When Not Working, I:am having a kitchen dance party with my girls Reese and Charlie, baking chocolate chip cookies or losing at chess to my husband Paul.
  • My Most Fearless Moment:Embarking on a new chapter with Zeno