The Next Generation of Crisis Management

Until now, the crisis management approach for big companies was clearly defined – identify the operational threats, develop a manual to guide the response, and if required – train the management team on responses. The guidelines were equally routine and simple: Tell your story early, tell it truthfully and tell it completely.

Not now. What’s changed?

Just scan the day’s headlines and it’s clear we live in a highly charged global environment, one where even the best, well managed companies face unexpected crisis situations. To make matters worse, today’s crises are more random, move faster and the damage they incur has greater impact. Current crises are being driven by things like a company’s political positions, business philosophy, employee composition, social mission and/or ethics. At the same time, every word, every image, every action is on public display. Cell phone cameras catch every slip, every misdeed and broadcast it immediately to thousands. Facts no longer provide an adequate defense, with misinformation amplified on digital and social media channels that have little or no concern for factual data.

In short, we’ve reached an environment where the unthinkable becomes possible, even probable.

Enter Seismic – an integrated approach that blends Zeno’s proven and experienced crisis strategy with cutting edge digital and insights-driven tools. That coupled with insights from Brexit, the U.S. administration change and today’s highly charged global environment, Zeno can help our clients respond to critical issues with more focus and speed than ever before – protecting company reputations in the face of sudden threats, challenges or catastrophes.

With Seismic, we focus on three distinct and important phases:

  • Before the Crisis Event: The Seismic Strategy Playbook
    • What companies should do before a crisis strikes
  • Seismic: In Real-Time: An Accelerated, Digital Response
    • The actions to take to gain control and change the momentum
  • Managing the Aftershock: Reputation Recovery
    • Crisis + 1 – Steps that restore confidence and credibility in the brand

Our Zeno crisis management experience runs the gamut from product recalls, activist actions, boycott threats, supply chain failures, corporate fraud, state and federal lawsuits, employee criminal acts, workforce injuries and loss of life, public acts of violence, data breaches, SEC/OSHA/FDA violations, environmental hazards and more.