Apples that Stand Out

Emerging from the Sea of Emerging Companies

You are looking at healthcare differently – as you should be as new pressures, new technologies, and new demographics reshape healthcare.  But, as innovative as your approach, you’ve likely recognized that you are not the only entrepreneurial enterprise focused on contributing to a new healthcare paradigm. Every good idea needs a megaphone – to not only amplify the conversation around your breakthrough solutions but to also help you emerge differently and loudly from the crowd.

That’s the job of marketing – or your PR person, right? Well, yes, but it’s also a job that should not live in a silo. Your size and scale requires that your differentiation be embedded in everything you do, from design of products and services, to your sales collateral and marketing materials, to shaping your culture around what you stand for today and will stand for tomorrow.

Approaching strategic positioning requires the same combination of research, entrepreneurial spirit, and discipline as building a business – you look at the white space you can own, you conduct research to understand how you can connect with your stakeholders and how that differs from your competition, you apply your energy and creativity to delivering an exciting and compelling message, and you develop the content and storylines that will be authentic to you. Strategic communications is the rigor around which you share a vision that excites and motivates your stakeholders.

The challenge for many is that strategic communications sometimes feels more like art than science and as such, is difficult to measure.  But when strategic communications has the rigor of science behind it, the return on investment becomes apparent. The analytic tools available today can not only help to identify the audiences who will most rapidly engage and amplify your message but can also help you to determine the most efficient channels through which you can meet them. For example, Zeno’s Performance Communications model not only identifies affinities between companies and their audiences but also can measure the response to creative content and messaging before it goes live. In this way, strategic communications is subject to the same rigor and KPIs as other parts of your new enterprise.

It takes courage to invest in boldly positioning yourself just as your business is beginning to emerge, but it’s the difference between standing with the pack – and breaking out.

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