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Winning the War of Brand Relevance with B2B Influencer Marketing

B2B Influencer Marketing? Is that a thing?

Influencer engagement may not be the first thing that comes to mind when tasked with elevating your B2B marketing and building relevance and credibility in your enterprise-centric industry. Popular consensus seems to stick influencer marketing squarely in the consumer bucket for brands that employ the social media savvy to sell a lifestyle. For many brands selling to consumers, this is absolutely a valid marketing approach. But influencer marketing isn’t just for consumer brands—done right, it can also have an incredible impact for B2Bs.

A recent report revealed that 43 percent of marketers are experimenting with influencer marketing programs, and an even higher percentage claims that their influencer marketing programs are strategic. But what exactly is influencer marketing? Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers.

Customers of B2B companies mine the web for research, data and opinions on topics that can affect business operations. Decision makers want input or proof of success through third-party validation. Their decisions are influenced by others who have strong credibility and topical expertise.

Michael Brito and I tackle B2B influencer marketing in our newest eBook, Scaled Influence. You can check out the eBook below, and if we can help you build your B2B influencer marketing strategy, send us a note.

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