Talking TDS A UK Disease Awareness Campaign: Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome


Zeno created and launched a testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) disease awareness campaign to engage and educate men and their partners about TDS and how to identify symptoms and seek treatment. The target audience of men over 50 talk infrequently about their health, particularly sensitive health issues such as TDS, which affects 700,000 men in the UK aged between 50 and 79. As TDS symptoms are often associated with merely getting older (such as tiredness and erectile dysfunction), education for men and their partners was key.


Zeno’s strategy was to use humour as a vehicle to capture the attention of these hard to reach men to disrupt and entertain them into learning more. Content also needed to give clear and easily relatable information about the symptoms associated with TDS and how they might manifest themselves.

Central to the campaign was the production of a video sketch that featured two old friends: normal blokes in the pub, catching up. During their chat, one character reveals that he has been diagnosed with TDS, has been treated and is now back to his “old self”. The script was written by a comedy writer and important messaging around the condition, symptoms and their impact on quality of life were woven into the dialogue. Media coverage focused on education and drove traffic to and delivered a high campaign reach.

Key opinion leaders were involved in the media launch and radio campaign, and were briefed tightly on messages and the regulatory requirements involved in partnering with an industry sponsored disease awareness campaign.