Five Zenoids, One Unforgettable Week: Tour de Zeno North America



Last week our U.S. and Canada offices took part in Tour de Zeno for the very first time. Participants spent a week in a new office where they met with senior leaders, sat in on brainstorms, took on new client work, and immersed themselves in that office’s unique culture. Some highlights include our Chicago visitors getting to meet one on one with our COO, Nancy Ruschienski and our Santa Monica guest getting the opportunity to help out at an Anheuser-Busch launch event.

Aside from additional exposure in the office, participants were encouraged to immerse themselves in their host cities and take in the sights. Armed with smart phones and a generous per diem, participants took to their new surroundings, snapping pictures and tagging their content with the official #TourDeZeno hashtag. While our employee in Silicon Valley was visiting Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, our Chicago visitors were taking in the equally gorgeous sights (and smells) of Chicago style hot dogs at Portillo’s.

In the end five Zenoids walked away with a unique experience, new skills, memories, and an entire office full of new friends that just a week prior were just names in an email. We look forward to sharing the experiences of our next 2 participants and they travel to Toronto and Paris! You can check out the video diaries and favorite memories of each of our participants below: 

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