Myrna Van Pelt

Managing Director, Australia

Myrna brings over 18 years of consulting experience across ANZ and the Asia Pacific region.

With extensive experience in technology, B2B and B2C communications, Myrna is a highly connected communications leader, delivering high level executive counsel, Brand Leadership programs and positive business impact through integrated communications both through traditional and new media channels.

  • News sources I can’t live without:
    •, The Economist
  • Late nights or early mornings:
    • Early mornings! So much more can be accomplished in the small hours with a strong brew of tea; it’s a way to clear the head and start the day with a fresh slate.
  • My first client:
    • Canon Australia
  • Social network of choice:
    • Facebook
  • Best advice I ever received:
    • “Today is but a moment in time, pick your battles but always make a difference.”
  • Best advice I’ve ever given:
    • “Hold your head high and have faith in your instincts.”
  • When not working, I:
    • Pretend I am a chef and regularly plan menus and host dinner parties, play the piano, read, listen to music and spend time traveling to the world’s best macaroon destinations.
  • Most Fearless Moment:
    • Giving birth to my son Thomas.