Monica Lourenci

Executive VP Brazil

Monica came to Zeno in April 2013 to build right from the start, brick to brick, the office in São Paulo, Brazil, and a team full of fearless hearts and minds. It has proven to be a fertile ground for inspirational client work and results. Since her arrival, the Zeno baby in Brazil has grown rapidly, fed by creative ideas and agility, with no fear over experimentation and innovation.

Under her leadership, Zeno in Brazil has gone from strength to strength, developing a larger client base and strong relationships. Beyond that, she leads a team that prides itself on learning more and more every day.

  • News source I can’t live without:eople first. Then, TV and radio. Then the internet. Above all, I would say Folha Online in São Paulo, the main Brazilian daily newspaper.
  • Late nights or early mornings:Late nights for recharging batteries, for family, friends, insights, books, magazines. Also, watching TV and at the same time, eating something delicious.
  • My first client:AOL
  • Social network of choice:Instagram, Facebook.
  • Best advice I ever received:“The knowledge you acquire throughout life is something that nobody can take from you,” from my mum.
  • Best advice I’ve ever given:Reason and emotion together are always the best solution. Mix both and so you will have insight, you will find creativity and perhaps break through! If not, try it again and again and again.”
  • When not working, I:Walk around my favorite part of São Paulo, Vila Madalena, along or with family and friends. Also, listening to Brazilian music and dancing, going out for lunch and dinner, cinema, dance theater and art galleries.
  • Most Fearless Moment:Giving birth to my son.